Dívida de UX


As part of an agile team at Thoughtworks I helped build a internal system for the biggest hospital in Haiti. I was responsible for user research, interaction design, visual design and frontend development.

The hospital provides primary care services to about 185,000 people in Mirebalais and two nearby communities. But patients from a much wider area—all of central Haiti and areas in and around Port-au-Prince—can also receive secondary and tertiary care. The hospital sees as many as 700 patients every day in our ambulatory clinics.

The system needed to be intuitive and easy to use, it was going to be used by people from Haiti with low experience with computers and used to keyboards. So it was a challange to build something that fit their needs and experience.

Personas and user journeys

We started creating personas to understand better the type of user was going to use the system.

In order to understand the context of use we started mapping the user journey trought the hospital, creating user journeys for every user we thought was important. The user journey covered offline and online interactions of the users.

Page flow and navigation

The next step was to start sketching the basic flow and navigation of the application. We started with some basic features like patient register and with that we could have a bit picture of how the application would work.

Sketches and mockups

Team collaboration

Prototype paper to code

User testing

Style guide and CSS framework

UX debt

Final designs